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At last… A superior A.I. Forex Humanoid at the service of the average Forex trader guaranteed to sky-rocket your income on auto-pilot.

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Forex Humanoid at HALF price sale

[ July 26, 2009 ]

forex humanoid

Until midnight of Monday you can get Forex Humanoid for HALF PRICE!

Here’s where you can grab your copy for almost 50% off:

We’re holding this special sale as a way to say “thank you” to all
the people who have helped Forex Humanoid become a success
story in the Forex world. I don’t think there is such
a thing as “subscriber appreciation week”… but we’re making one
right now.

As you might know, due to word by mouth the response for our
*super-robot* was well beyond expectations and we had a
major site downtime because of that.

Fancy $103,085.34 poured into YOUR Forex account?

[ July 22, 2009 ]

Just a quick follow up with you on Forex Humanoid…

If you haven’t got one of the limited 500 copies of our
superior A.I. Forex robot yet, you are missing out BIG
time — as it’s now YOUR turn to get your Forex account
stuffed with $1,000′s upon $1,000′s on auto-pilot…

…Whilst you are out enjoying life:

We have been experiencing it for the past couple of
years and, let me tell you, it’s a great feeling.

Our superior Forex A.I. *finally* unveiled

[ July 21, 2009 ]

We are finally about to give YOU access to our *superior* Forex
super-robot — capable of turning $10,000 into $103,085.34 by
placing 29 secure trades with “ZERO” losses…

…Completely on auto-pilot:

You have watched the video showing you how we finally made
the impossible a reality, how Forex Humanoid succeeded where
all the other robots always FAILED.

Now it’s time for you to find all the “Hows…” and “Whys…”
and especially… It’s time for you to find what Humanoid
can do for YOU:

Forex Humanoid – Amazing feedback for this $103,085.34/year Forex A.I

[ July 20, 2009 ]

Forex Humanoid doors were just opened to the general public
yesterday and the feedback so far has been nothing but AMAZING.

The numbers speak for themselves:

$1,810 in 6 hours…
$1,080 in 14 hours…
$5,350 in 32 hours…

And even more solid *proof* and testimonials can be found
After seeing this robot in action, I had no doubt that
this was going to *shake* the Forex traders community
for the good.

It was about time REAL Forex experts finally stood up against
those unscrupulous robot developers and shown the average
trader the REAL way to automated forex profits.

Forex Humanoid – Pay back time for the average trader

[ July 20, 2009 ]

The Forex Humanoid robot is finally being unveiled to an elite
group of traders — are you ready to jump on board and get
your hands on a never seen before A.I. capable of generating
as much as $103,085.34 completely on auto-pilot?

You have heard of how these guys, who hate those dodgy
“robots” that always end up wiping out your account, spend less
than 5 minutes per week at the computer and still manage to
*safely* pull 6 figures per year from their Forex account…

Thanks to Forex Humanoid…

Forex Humanoid A.I. turns $10,000 into $103,085.34 with ZERO losses…

[ July 19, 2009 ]

forex humanoid
I am really excited to announce a *major* breakthrough in the way
you can trade Forex to generate massive profits on auto-pilot and
with an almost 100% accuracy:

This is nothing like you have ever heard before, so I really
encourage you to take a few minutes of your time to read this short
email — it’s just incredible stuff.

A while ago I was contacted by the Forex Humanoid team about a new
superior A.I. that they have been developing for quite a while
and that produced never seen before results.
I had a pick at this robot and, I must admit, I was shocked. All
these years taking risks whilst trying to find the “miracle” system
or piece of software made me feel so silly!

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