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Here’s a quick list of what the Currency Strength Robot is about:

1. The robot generated a return of 30% in less than 30 days in a private beta testing of over 150 traders using 38 different MT4 brokers. This formal beta testing was done in Feb ’11

2. It generated a net gain of $32,000 from the developer, Henry’s personal live $25,000 account during his initial testing back in November of 2010. His account statement has been attached inside the Currency Strength Robot official website

3. All software updates and new versions are downloaded automatically using a server/client infrastructure

4. Thousands of lines of coding have been coded to imitate all of Henry Liu’s trading knowledge and system, which includes Market Cycle entries, Daily Cycle, Fundamental, and News Trading, in addition to the ever popular Currency Strength Meter.

5. No trade monitoring needed as all monitoring are done by Henry Liu and his trading team via their special server/client EA

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There are a myriad of forex trading robots on the market, all claiming to be extremely effective in producing consistently profitable trades. But which are the Top Forex Robots? The answer is not that straight-forward. Firstly, one has to consider manual versus automated trading systems.

Unless you do not work a full-time job, or if you are a professional trader, manual trading systems are very difficult to practically implement and manage. Manual systems are time consuming and rely on human judgement, which is prone to interpretation error. In addition, a system firstly has to be “developed” – this is even more difficult for a manual trading system compared to automated forex robots. Although manual systems may be lucrative, they are essentially impractical for the average forex trader.The most viable option for the non-professional forex trader is to trade with automated forex trading systems (or robots). However, choosing the Top Forex Robots like Currency Strength Robot is imperative to maximise trading profits.

The most prudent (but possibly not the most effective) way to ensure that you choose the Top Forex Robots is to actually buy these products, make sure you understand how to install them onto and optimise their settings for your chosen trading platform (for example Metatrader) and to do extensive back and forward testing on various settings for the various currency pairs.

This process appears to be simple. However, it is costly, extremely time consuming and possibly do not provide the desired level of comfort as the user is always inevitably drawn to (and biased towards) a specific product, principally as a result of the promises made and sales pitch of the creators.Possibly the most effective way to assess which are the Top Forex Robots is to visit and subscribe to reputable sites where the Top Forex Robots are independently and honestly reviewed, extensively tested, detailed comparisons made and regular updates provided. The benefits of this approach is a significant saving in costs, someone else doing the research and comparisons on your behalf (saving you lots of time and effort) and being abreast of the latest developments in forex robots.

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Doors Are Open NOW (Currency Strength Robot)…

[ March 29, 2011 ]

currency strength robot image

Quickly, I just wanted to let you know that Currency Strength Robot is LIVE…Last 3 times when Henry released new products, they were sold out in less than 48 hours…

Response is hot from the comments.Response for the Currency Strength Robot formula is simply amazing judging from over 500+ comments in the past few days! Henry may have no choice but to close down the doors in the next 48 hours…

Henry Liu spills the beans on his new Currency Strength Robot…

[ March 18, 2011 ]

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One of my favorite Forex gurus Henry Liu just released the new version of his popular Currency Strength Meter.It is a wonderful tool and by the way, it’s completely FREE from Currency Strength Robot!

Strengths and weaknesses of all major currencies.Currency Strength Meter is an amazing tool complementing Currency Strength Robot that displays strengths and weaknesses of all major currencies in an at-a-glance view instantly, which tells you what’s moving the market NOW so you can focus on the right pairs.

In a fast moving market such as Forex, any advantage in your decision making could mean the difference between winning and losing…

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