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FapTurbo is an automated trading robot. Already sold over 45,000 copies in just 6 months. Known to double accounts in just weeks and in average months.

Fap Turbo – [Download] your Free Spread & Session indicator

[ June 14, 2010 ]


Features of Fap Turbo Session Indicator – Displays the current spread on chart to help you easily know the spread. No more hassles with calculating spread in your head by bid and ask prices.Displays the detailed spread history on chart. This allows you to track the spread history and see the full picture.

You can now find out if your broker cheats you with spread spikes and increased spreads during specific sessions or provides you with low spreads. Spread history will be saved even if you close the metatrader!

Shows sessions on your chart. Now you can easily identify which session you are trading currently or which session your last trades were opened and closed. You can also easily compare spread during different sessions. Fully customizable settings, colors, times + a special chart template! Spread & Session indicator is free gift to fapturbo members only!

New Fapturbo Version 49 – New Currency for Trading

[ November 4, 2009 ]

New Fapturbo Version 49 after 6 months

Introducing *drumroll* —> Fapturbo version 49!

What is new with Fapturbo Version 49 ? Why the buzz??

Meet the FAPT NEW currency pair! Finally after 6 months of live testing
we are extremely pleased to introduce a 5th currency pair to the Fap turbo
trading portfolio. Welcome the USDCHF (US Dollar vs Swiss Franc).
Additionally Fapturbo49 includes new and improved default settings for the
EURCHF and USDCAD to improve your trading performance.

Below is the special page where you can read more about our latest
version and review backtest results for 2009 and earlier years plus review
our live trading results. <=Fapturbo49 Page
Free upgrade to existing customers

If You are an active Fap turbo Member you are entitled to a free update
and can download fapturbo49 in the members area!

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Fapturbo has now 45000 base and still great profits

[ August 18, 2009 ]


Fapturbo or Fap Turbo Review Reviews :
Fapturbo remains strong, popular and profitable. As much attention as we brought to Fapturbo Evolution lately, the original Fapturbo is still
doing GREAT and brings in a lot of profits! More and more brokers understand they NEED to provide low spreads in order not to loose clients!
Current 45,000 Customers Base WE ARE A 45,000 People PHENOMENON!!!!!!! Together we are like a thundering wave changing all our lives for the better and those of our loved let`s keep rocking and back each other
up :)

Rest assured we will keep updating and fine tuning for as long as we can !
LIVE Account up few hundred% since December . The public live account is at $43,224 now! We trade default settings wih EURCHF on moderate risk and EURGBP and USDCAD on low risk. ~~ Visit Fapturbo 45000 base . Reputable 3rd part tester . ForexPeaceArmy keeps testing our EA and here are their independent results: Fapturbo Review
Some 3rd party results?

Fap Turbo – Commonly Asked Questions

[ June 25, 2009 ]


Fap Turbo or FapTurbo Review : Q: OK so FAP Turbo is so effective because it trades for small, regular profits?That’s right… the combination of small profits at regular intervals is the secret behind our loss minimizations techniques. We are currently clearing $1000 – $3000 per day in clear profit using the robot’s unique strategies. Fap turbo Common Questions

Q: Isn’t it a nightmare opening a Forex account? And what about how much money I need to open an account?Opening an account couldn’t be easier. We will even guide you through the exact steps to get started with our personal automated forex trading brokerage (if you want…or chose ANY other broker), and you can start with literally any amount! Some brokers out there will even let you start trading with as little $1.

We are VERY proud of our comprehensive members-zone.Fapturbo Review Every setup step is described in extreme detail PLUS further enhanced with a custom VIDEO tutorial. Should you have ANY question there is even our support telephone hotline guiding you all along the way! It simply doesn’t get any better than that! ==> Visit Fap Turbo

FapTurbo – Do Forex Robots really work?

[ June 25, 2009 ]

Do Forex robots like Fap turbo , Fapturbo really work or are they a scam?

Just like all other businesses, there are good products & bad
products in the market.

Some forex robots can not really work as what they promise.

However some can really produce impressive results and help you to
quantum leap your daily profits.

A real good forex robot like Fapturbo Forex Robots can help you to create hundreds or even
thousands of dollar per month.

In this email, we are going to inform you the top 3 forex robots in
the market.

Fap Turbo contains 3 Habits of Highly Effective Forex Traderc

[ June 25, 2009 ]

Fapturbo or Fap Turbo Review Reviews : Do you wonder why with same set of forex signal system or same set of
forex trading softwares, some forex traders are doing so
exceptionally well yet some forex traders are always in trading

Highly effective forex traders have a few habits which trading
losers do not have.

Note: Highly effective forex trader is defined as trader who can
trade with consistent profits every single day or month (but not
every single trade, there is NO trader who can win every single
trade he enters). Fap turbo Highly Effective

Here are 3 most crucial habits of Highly Effective Forex Trader:

1. Always go into market with pre-planned Entry & Exit Strategy

Alot of forex traders enter the market with NO strategy at all.

Before you even go into a trade, you must have already a clear forex trading signal wtih specified entry & exit strategy.

Entry Strategy itself is not enough, you must have also your exit strategy even before you enter the trade but NOT after you enter the trade.

2. Consistent with strategy you use

There are too many forex strategies out there in the market.
But people tends to jump from one forex strategy to another forex
strategy. Highly effective trader always stick to one or two
winning strategies that create profits for them.

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