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Forex Rebellion is a forex trading system releasing on 06 Oct ’09.

There is a huge buzz going on with this Forex Rebellion and some of the beta testers worldwide and fellow traders have marked this system as the best forex system in 2009 !.

You can trade with all timeframes and on any currency which is one of the biggest strength of Forex Rebellion. An All-In-1 forex trading system that you can trade as and when according to your time schedule.

The opportunites to trade are aplenty since you can trade over 9 timeframes and over 12 major currencies.

Here is what all the beta testers agreed as the Top Features of Forex Rebellion:

Some of the outstanding features and praises from the fellow traders:
1. Easy to understand
2. Works on all time frames
3. Works with all currencies
4. Works in all market conditions
5. Precise entry, exit, loss reduction and money management rules
6. Unique entry method to reduce losses up to 30%
7. Several indicators to filter bad and good trades

Well we will see more of this system as more videos and information are released.

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Smoother Settings for You

[ November 5, 2010 ]

These are the Forex Rebellion settings that work for me, but I do understand that there are several instances where the market chop can get you in trouble.These default settings are quick and they get you into trades early just as the new trend is forming…. but this is also when you can get chopped out.

I have put together a video that outlines some smoother settings. These new Forex Rebellion settings will give you better signals with less chop. After you watch the video and try out the settings, I encourage you to make changes of your own to find something that fits your style better.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Not for Trade Assistant

Forex Rebellion – New 32 Minute Tutorial Video

[ July 21, 2010 ]

Essentially, there are a couple of questions you want to ask yourself before you get into a trade. Ask yourself these What has to happen before I go long? What has to happen before I go short? I use these examples in both a nicely trending market and in a really choppy market.
A little trick-I uncover a little Forex Rebellion trick that I have never seen done by another trader in regards to my trendlines. I think it will really help you in your trading. I even show you where I look for false signals and why I wouldn’t trade them.

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Forex Rebellion – Probably today most powerful trading system

[ October 8, 2009 ]

forex rebellion b

The guy who crack the forex code

Russ Horn is an ordinary guy who has cracked the
code and is one of the few genuine traders prepared
to share their secret.
And he is just like you

The most common feedback I have had over the last 72
hours is that people like the fact that he is not
from some fancy corporation or one of the big

He came from the trenches. This guy came
from a working class background, killed himself to
start a little business and put his whole soul into
Forex trading. You can listen to his story here:

Now it’s your turn….
Would you like his trading system? Forex Rebellion Powerful System

Wouldn’t you like to see the same results for
yourself? Take a look at what’s in store for you
when Russ Horn takes you under his wing:

Verdict so far on Forex Rebellion

[ October 7, 2009 ]

Huge Buzz since the launch of Forex Rebellion

Forex Rebellion was released yesterday and I have
been receiving a flood of emails from traders across
the globe who are as excited about this as I am.

Need proof?…

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Was Tested Vigorously. Forex Rebellion Verdict

This is one of the most tested systems I have
recommended. There were a group of Beta testers who
have been working with this system for months. They
independently verified that this was one of the best
systems they have ever seen.
All the proof laid out in the homepage.

You can see the results of their tests, statements
and videos of their live trades here:

So many good feedbacks on Forex Rebellion System

[ October 6, 2009 ]

Simply too many good feedbacks

Forex Rebellion is finally available:

The feedback I’ve been receiving over the past week or so about this
great new Forex system has been phenomenal. Forex Rebellion Good Feedback

I suppose that the bottom line – why people are so so excited – is
because this system delivers what it promises.
First time witnessing

I don’t think that I’ve ever seen so much good feedback as I did after
yesterdays email…

If you recall, yesterday I sent an email were you could go and see 5
Forex Rebellion beta-testers live-trading the system.

Forex Rebellion Goes Live Now At 9AM

[ October 6, 2009 ]

forex rebellion b

Have you found a trading system that suits you?

There are hundreds of ways you can trade, but I bet
you haven’t found one that suits your lifestyle and

A trading system with great praises

Well, that’s about to change. I don’t think I have
ever seen a trading system with so much positive
feedback and comments. This is probably because so
many traders have proved that it works in the beta
test stage.
Endorsed by many fellow traders

Right now traders from all over the world are headed
over to the Forex Rebellion website to check out the
new system. In fact, if you are fast you can be one
of the first people to learn a new simple way to

From 9 A.M. today you can get revenge on the
markets. Forex Rebellion Goes Live
Here’s why Forex Rebellion is good

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How Good Is Forex Rebellion Really? You Judge

[ October 5, 2009 ]

Forex Rebellion Interview

What did you think of the Forex Rebellion interviews?

It was a pleasure to listen to something real for a change.

At least these guys are traders and talk like traders…

…but talk is cheap!
Be careful of the rubbish on internet

There’s so much rubbish on the Internet nowadays that I think it’s only
fair that new products prove that they work, don’t you agree?
Forex Rebellion Good Or Not

Every person that has tested the Forex Rebellion system has found it
to easy to find trades that when asked if they could prove that it worked
they all had no problems demonstrating live trades – now that’s the first
time I’ve seen that!

Anyway, for the first time ever you can see the Rebel in action here:
~ Visit Forex Rebellion

A glimpse of Forex Rebellion on Monday

[ October 2, 2009 ]

A better view of Forex Rebellion 3 days later

On Monday you will get the first glimpse of the best
system for trading Forex that I have seen this year.

I can only tell you at this stage that there is a
very important email heading your way on Monday-
don’t miss it. Forex Rebellion Glimpse on Monday
A group of beta testers revealing everything

There is a small group of traders asked to beta test
the Forex Rebellion system and the results have been outstanding.
The incredible fact is that everyone of the beta
testers have had the same results as I have.

All traded on live, real money accounts…
Their sharing conversation has been recorded

Forex Rebellion Forex Trading System- 4 Beta Testers Revealing their Experiment

[ October 2, 2009 ]

forex rebellion b

4 beta testers of a fx trading system revealed their insider information

4 of the beta testers of the new Forex Rebellion
system just review about it for the first time.

What they say is astounding and you absolutely must
listen to the interview. But wait – I have an even
bigger surprise for you tomorrow, if what I hear
comes true.
Live currency trade demonstration

They will all demonstrate a live trade for you.
How’s that for being confident that this Forex Rebellion Forex Trading System
works? This is not an automated forex trading robot.

If one person tells you something, that is
one thing, but when you have a group of traders who
are so blown away by the power of this system that
they will trade in front of you – that’s another.

You can hear just how excited they are here:

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