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Forex Time Machine is a forex trading course created by Bill Poulos, a trader and trainer with over 35 years of currency trading experience.

Bill Poulos has already helped many part time forex traders to become full time forex traders.

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6 and 12 months installment plan for Forex Time Machine

[ September 21, 2009 ]

#1 Reason Why Interested Students didn’t join us

Over the weekend, I surveyed those folks my Forex Time Machine
“Risk Eraser” Waiting List that didn’t join me as a student
before my initial allotment of courses sold out.

I wanted to find out the #1 reason they didn’t join…

Here’s what I found out:

* 90.9% of them found my “Risk Eraser” videos helpful and

* 89.2% of them were clear how the “Forex Time Machine Installation Plan” could
help them in their trading…
The payment upfront was the problem

…but the #1 reason they didn’t join me was because of the

Here’s the plan

I’m so convinced the Forex Time Machine can help you

Online webinar to answer your questions

[ September 15, 2009 ]

I thought I’d have some time today to actually catch my breath
and relax a little, after a hectic past fews days managing the
big release of my brand new Forex Time Machine home study

Overloaded with flooding questions email

We’re still getting slammed with questions, and my support staff
is seemingly working around the clock to keep up.

We noticed that we’re getting a lot of the same questions, so
here’s what I’m going to do:
A webinar to answer your questions directly

In order to save my support staff some time, I’m holding an
“emergency” Forex Time Machine Webinar this Thursday, September 17th, at 4pm
Eastern so we can address these common questions all at once and
hopefully give my support staff a little break.

I’ll also be revealing:
What we will be talking inside this webinar

* Why almost everything you’ve been taught about the “right” way
to enter a trade could be DEAD WRONG… and how to avoid this
rookie mistake most traders make that doom their chances for

Forex Time Machine is LIVE now

[ September 14, 2009 ]

forex time machine banner
(Be sure to read this Forex Time Machine short note because…
==> A LOT of other Forex traders are going
to have a BIG EDGE over you when this is over…)

Here’s what’s up -
78,915 traders came upon a report

In the past 2 weeks, over 78,915 traders bombarded a
special, “insiders” Forex training website.

(Maybe you were one of them.)
What’s the fuss about?

There, 35+ year trading veteran Bill Poulos exposed his 2-
part Forex “risk eraser” technique, revealing the key
reasons most people lose in the Forex markets…

-and how Forex Time Machine can INSTANTLY transform your Forex trading with a
subtle “mindset flip” that most traders get completely
A major change is about to occur

Now, it looks like a major change is about to occur with how
individuals like you profit from the Forex markets.


Because Bill’s “risk eraser” concept inside Forex Time Machine
is turning a lot of heads and making people realize
the true key to creating lasting profit potential in these markets.

And based on the early feedback he’s been receiving from
those lucky enough to see a preview copy of his new training
course, it looks like he’s on to something.
No more second guessing with Forex Time Machine

~ Visit Forex Time Machine

3 Winners for Forex Time Machine are out !

[ September 14, 2009 ]

Tough to pick 1 winner

We had a lot of great entries for the Forex Time Machine
giveaway. It was tough to pick just one.

But before I announce the lucky individual for Forex Time Machine , here’s one thing I
observed in reading all the entries.

* We’re all very similar in what our basic desires are.
The wishes in the blog entries

Almost every entry ultimately referenced these basic “wishes”:

* To pursue other interests and hobbies…

* To spend more time at home…

* To help other people…

* To work LESS or even quit your job…

Now, the Forex Time Machine isn’t a “crystal ball” and it can’t
predict the future… but from everything I’ve seen over the
past 30+ years in the markets, it drastically “ups” the chances
that you can achieve these desires sooner than later…

-and I think you’ll agree that’s pretty awesome!
So difficult to pick 1 winner so…

So, as I said, it was tough to pick just 1 lucky trader…

-so I didn’t.


Here they are:

Forex Time Machine – The components of this forex trading package

[ September 11, 2009 ]

forex time machine banner
forex time machine banner

What is Forex Time Machine?

Forex Time Machine teaches three individual yet synergistic methods for attacking the Forex markets, all in a single trading course.
To who is it designed for?

This is one of the few courses that crosses over the trading style lines. The methods are applicable to any timeframe – so whether you are a day trader or an end of day trader, or, a casual trader, the methods taught in this course will work for you.
How much capital do you start with?

$500 and up — this was a huge selling point for us. This course can be used for micro, mini and standard lot trading; we’ll discuss this more in the Risk Management section below.
What are the strategies used?

Forex Time Machine teaches technical indicator-based trading, using common indicators in a very powerful way.

This is not a mechanical or automated program. Instead it puts the power to trade in YOUR hands, which is where we believe it belongs.

Do you know how to judge a good forex trading course?

[ September 11, 2009 ]

Criterias for a Solid, Efficient forex trading method

Recently we provided a series on Forex Trading Methods and how a forex trader can identify a good method.

Today, let’s review one Forex Trading Method that meets our test for a good trading method and share with you why it’s a good trading method.

Our criteria for trading methods and the basis upon which we make our recommendations are:
Example of a good forex trading course

* In-depth, detailed learning instructions
* Trade Opportunity Identification
* Entry Rules / Exit Rules
* Trade Plan and Strategy
* Risk Management (Initial and Ongoing)
* Product Support (Materials and Customer Support)
* Additional Product Tools (Forums, Member Websites)
* Product Guarantee

Any course, program or trading method must meet or exceed these criteria in order for us to give it the ‘Green Light’.
Bill Poulos is compiling his latest forex knowledge

First up: Forex Time Machine

Forex Time Machine – 2 major Forex announcements (incl. giveaway)

[ September 10, 2009 ]

2 Important Forex Announcements

I have 2 major Forex announcements for you that were just

1. On next Monday, September 14th, at 10am Eastern, a brand new
Forex training course will be released to the trading community
from one of its most respected educators, 35+ year trader Bill

It’s called, “The Forex Time Machine“, and you’ll want to get
a copy when it comes out.

(I’ve seen a preview copy, and it’s packed with some of the best
no-nonsense, “what works now” Forex training I’ve ever seen.)
Free video on Risk Eraser

If you saw Bill’s “risk eraser” training videos (& companion
“cheat sheet”) he released a few days ago, then you’re probably
as excited as I am about the way he teaches you to “erase risk”
on every Forex trade you make.

If you missed these videos, you can still see them here for
awhile longer:

~ Visit Forex Time Machine

I’ll have more info soon on the Forex Time Machine, but for now
– MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Monday, September 14th, so you don’t
miss out.
Get Forex Time Machine for FREE

~ Visit Forex Time Machine

Forex Time Machine
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