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New FX strategy creates waves in the City

[ September 28, 2011 ]

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What’s your edge?

# If you didn’t know what an edge is, you haven’t got one
# If you can’t explain it, you haven’t got one.
# If you’re losing money, you haven’t got one
# If you haven’t got oneā€¦

You’re Dead! Learn more at FX Copycat

Gaining the edge [short explosive video]

[ September 27, 2011 ]

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In fact 99% of failing traders don’t EVEN know what an edge looks like….THIS is what a $1m Dollar edge looks like…..A 1 million dollar edge.This guy exploded from market loser to millionaire trader after he was GIFTED HIS edge…He call it FX Copycat trading system

To the tune of over $125,000 in his first month. Yet by his own admission…He knew ZILCH about trading just 14 months ago.So how does he do it? [short video at FX Copycat reveals HIS edge]

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