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Instant FX Profits is a comprehensive forex trading course created by Kishore M who is both a personal trader and trainer.

As a FX Trainer, Kishore has trained more than 100,000 students worldwide over a period of 8 years.

He is also a renowed Best Selling Author, Hedge Fund Manager and FX trading Award Winner.

With Instant FX Profits Online Course,

You are expected to master the following:

1. How to make money by trading forex (whether you’re trading already or complete beginner starting from scratch) — starting with as little as $100

2. How to make $100,000+ in your first year of trading Forex with the exact step by step plan that I have laid for you

3. How to make quick and easy profits by trading forex using a unique technique that will help you to get daily income

4. The 4 golden rules that most traders will never learn – violate any of the rules and risk losing thousands of dollars

5. Peep into a hedge fund manager’s mind and know exactly what he trades every single week

6. How to trade forex with exact entry point and exit point . i.e Buy before the currency goes up and Sell before it comes down.

7. The closely guarded secret in trading forex with 100% accuracy almost every single month

And more…learn more over at the Instant FX Profits Homepage

There are total 7 Modules and as many as 10 bonuses inside Instant FX Profits

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New Year Bonuses reopen for 1 short week

[ January 13, 2011 ]

The offer has ended when they came back from oversea trip.With careful consideration, Kishore M has allowed me to reopen this offer for 1 short week: from 13 Jan to 19 Jan 2011 to benefit you if you missed it during your vacation. 4 additional bonuses- With this offer, you get 4 *additional* bonuses when you sign up for Instant FX Profits online course.

Adding to original 7 bonuses, you get total 11 bonuses worth US$16,338.00 here:Visit Instant Forex Profits-1st bonus [Private Recording of Advanced Strategy Mastermind Session,US$1497.00] A 6 hours video recording of a private meeting session of Kishore M with his top forex students in which he shared his latest
underground forex trading techniques with them. This mastermind meeting session was strictly by invitation & public is NOT allowed to join.

Instant FX Profits – 3 FREE powerful trading videos for you to watch right now

[ March 25, 2010 ]

Mr. Kishore M is going to show you 3 more Instant FX Profits trading strategies he has been using to make much more than enough profits for his family & his kind of lifestyle.Fortunately enough, all these 3 additional videos are of ZERO cost to you. Watch the 3 videos Kishore has prepare for you. Here is a glimpse of what you will see in these 3 additional videos

Video #1: Step by step execution of Instant Pip Profits strategy. A strategy which Robert Kiyosaki’s ambassador, Mr Bellum Tan has been using.He made US$50,000 profits with a capital of US$5,000 within 22 days after learning this strategy from Kishore M. Since then, Mr. Bellum Tan’s trading account continues to grow.
Video #2: Pip Breakout Explosive Profits strategy. A technique aims to make 350% explosive returns in half a day.
Video #3: Tutorial session by Ms. Mona to clearly explain Kishore M’s IFXProfits strategy in depth. Ms. Mona is the top performing student of Kishore M (ranked in term of profit amount she generated). Her account grows to more than US$163,000 from only US$1000 capital. Of course, she is also one of the most hardworking students of Kishore M, she deserves the result she gets.

Christmas Frenzy Giveaway, Santa Claus in Town – Instant FX Profits

[ December 27, 2009 ]

Kishore M, top investment coach who is interviewed by
Bloomberg, BBC, Channel News Asia is the Santa Claus
who want you to have a great Christmas.

Here are his gifts for you……
4 New & Powerful Bonuses for you

Specially for Christmas Instant FX Profits Frenzy Giveaway , from 21 Dec 2009 to 2 Jan 2010,
when you enrolled to Instant FX Profits online course, you get
immediately 4 New Additional Bonuses (includes a US$100 instant
discount) for F’REE
1st New Additional Bonuses

Private Recording of Kishore’s Mastermind Meeting Session
(not to be sold & released to public)
[Value: US$1497.00]

Visit Instant Forex Profits


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