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They all cashed in on this – big time

[ July 26, 2011 ]

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There are exactly 11 copies as I write this.Almost a month after the release and the pandemonium that surrounded this magical Forex system, the dust has settled and you’re in luck if you need to transform your trading – For one reason or another 11 Forex Master Method copies could not be delivered of the 750 copies sold.

I have the privilege of not only owning a copy of the Forex Master Method, but I also have access to the private “War Room”. I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever seen a group of people who have collectively done so well. I mean, with every post you see traders are just overjoyed with their results.

The weekly webinars, the personal attention and the support is better than any other Forex product I have seen. If I were to give advice to someone either starting Forex or someone who is not doing well, it would be this – make a beeline ASAP for the Forex Master Method website and grab a copy as quickly as you can press the button:

Forex Master Method Reopen ! – Only 21 copies available

[ June 15, 2011 ]

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There were only 750 copies ever made and they all sold out in the first few days. But did they? 30 minutes ago, I got an email from Russ Horn to let me know there was some kind of mix-up with the company that puts together the course.

To cut a long story short, they have 21 extra copies of the most sought after Forex system ever to be released. He’s not sure if 21 extra copies were made, or 21 less were sold, but it doesn’t matter because the good news is, you still have a chance to get a copy if you act fast.

Don’t even think about this if you are even remotely interested in Forex. Every person I know who has a copy, or who has let me know they have a copy, give it 5 stars and say it’s the best system they have ever seen.

Webinar – with the Forex boss himself – Forex Master Method

[ June 6, 2011 ]

There is a no-holds-bar webinar at midday EST, and there are only a few seats left. You can book your spot here: I personally think that today will be the last day you can get this incredible system. There were less than 80 copies left a few hours ago and I can’t see them lasting.

First, let’s just chat about the webinar. A webinar is an interactive web based seminar. It’s like watching a lecture and having the ability to ask questions, or just sit and listen. The advantage of course is, that technology is so advanced nowadays,that you can share screens, and it will feel like the person is sitting next to you.

ATTENTION: Emergency webinar, make sure you’re on it – Forex Master Method

[ June 5, 2011 ]

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On Monday at 12 Midday EST, on the dot, I’ll be holding an important forex master method system webinar. I have agreed to share some of my Forex Master Method secrets. This is a live webinar and there are only limited seats available. This won’t cost you a dime, so book yours now before it fills up: If you have never attended a webinar, it’s a really cool communication tool. You can listen to me talk, ask questions on Forex Master Method and share screens. You can of course, just listen.

What an awesome first day – Russ Horn Forex Master Method

[ June 3, 2011 ]

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Launch day was incredible, it was a trader frenzy!Traders expectations are high, and so they should be.Everything went off without a hitch, it was awesome!

Although launch day has come and gone, the buzz in the office is still through the roof as the orders are still piling in. There is a whole host of lucky traders who have the Forex Master Method course on it’s way to them and I sincerely look forward to working with all of them.

These are going to be great times, the future is very bright!

Forex Master Method, yours today!

[ June 2, 2011 ]

If you missed all of last week, and you really have no idea what’s going on with Forex Master Method , then you might want to pay attention here, because you don’t have a lot of time. Let me just put it this way…Every now and then, something comes along in Forex that is so good, it is instantly recognized by everyone who sees it, as just brilliant. This my friend, is one of those times.

You know, I honestly don’t believe there’s a “world’s best trader”, any more than there is a “world’s best actor”, or a “world’s best football player”. You can make a case for a bunch of outstanding people in each activity, but I have to confess that Russ Horn might just be that one best trader.

No one has taught so many ordinary people how to build an income from Forex, with such success. I’m planning on using this Forex Master Method system, and I highly recommend you do too. It’s simple to learn, and it pulls in cash like a department store on sale day.

System is so powerful it has a warning – Forex Master Method

[ June 1, 2011 ]

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If you watched any of the videos that Russ Horn made, you will know that he is a mild mannered, likable and helping individual.This is just the way Russ is, but he is also one of the most talented traders of the last decade and has helped countless people improve their trading.

What’s not so well known, is that Russ has trained a small group of traders using the Russ Horn Forex Master Method system, who are quietly pulling in cash and trading with such stunning effectiveness, that just about every other trader is at a disadvantage.It literally transforms your trading! Forget What You Think You Know About Trading

One of the things you will hear Russ Horn say again and again, is the first thing he has to do, which is get traders to unlearn what they know – that’s because 99% of traders are doing it wrong, that’s why they have such bad results. In fact, new traders probably have an advantage here because they have no preconceived ideas.

Looking For The Secret? This Might Help – Forex Master Method

[ June 1, 2011 ]

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Word is beginning to leak that this is going to become the Secret Weapon of the Super. I have just come from the Forex Master Method website and there are over 1000 comments there. The reason they made those comments was because they had the chance to ask Russ Horn (probably the best trader of the last decade) a question.

Anyone could ask any question they liked about Forex, and if you read the comments you will see, people held nothing back. Some of the questions where so good, so thought provoking, that they were hard to ignore, which is why Russ Horn from Forex Master Method has agreed to answer them today. If you go there right now, you can hear what he had to say. This is one of the reasons that Russ is such a cool guy, he wants to see you succeed.

Forex Master Method – Trade Precision: The Secret Weapon Of The Super-Wealthy Traders

[ June 1, 2011 ]

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Word is beginning to leak that this is going to become the Secret Weapon of the Super-Wealthy Traders. To stand any chance of getting a copy, make sure you’re on the list here:

Big News.Actually, make that 749 copies because today if you go along to his website, there’s a lot happening, including a Russ Horn Forex Master Method prize. All Totally On The House.
1st – There is the INFOcator Indicator (read below)
2nd – There is the Line Trader EA (Just brilliant)
3rd – Candlestick Recognition & Report
4th – Great Master Method Video

What You Can Get, Just For Making A Comment
1 – One of a kind copy of Forex Master Method
2 – Apple iPad 2
3 – $500 broker account
4 – Amazon Kindle
None of this costs you anything, just go to the website:

On the house, Pattern Recognition Software

[ May 24, 2011 ]

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Before you rush off to get your copy of the Pattern Recognition software, I just want to mention that on the 1st of June, when the Forex Master Method system is released, there are only 750 copies. No more will ever be produced.The content is so critically important that you will never see this on a website or blog. You can only have this delivered to your door.

There have been countless other inferior courses and robots over the years and I’m sure you have come across them, but there has never been anything like this. This is a wealth building, profit pulling animal of a system. It’s so simple, a beginner can master Forex Master Method in no time, but so powerful that top fund managers and wealthy individuals have been beating a path to Russ Horn’s door for years.

There’s a FREE iPad if you can answer this question!

[ May 24, 2011 ]

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Read on to learn how you can get one of these gifts.The rumor started about a week ago and I only had it confirmed today, but probably the best trader I know of is doing something really special with his new project, Forex Master Method.

He’s looking for an elite group of men and women determined to be among the most successful and highest-earning traders in the world. He wants to share his Forex Master Method with this select group of special people, some priceless knowledge.

I know guys who have been hanging around the Forex world for years, yet have never made enough trading to actually FAX a withdrawal form to their broker. I have been following this guy for years and he has always said that he could never reveal his most closely guarded trading secrets on a public website or newsletter. That’s why there is a whole bunch of us who have been waiting for this day.

What Russ Horn has been up to lately

[ May 24, 2011 ]

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I have been very busy the last while with a new project call Forex Master Method . What it comes down to is this, over the past few years I have had a lot of requests for my trading method. Forex Rebellion is an awesome system and I use it, but to determine trades for the multi-million Dollar crowd, I use something a little different.

And only 570 people will get it. Being a Rebellion member, I thought it only fair that you hear it from me first and not from someone else. This new product is called the Forex Master Method, the launch date for it is June 1, but there will be a bunch of pre-launch emails all throughout next week, with some very cool freebies!

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