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Scientific Forex proves there’s a hidden code in market

[ February 29, 2012 ]

You probably still have time to read this email, but if ever there was a time to take action it is right now, because the copies are already being grabbed as as you read this:The official start was 9 am EST today, but I happen to know just about everyone I speak to, or get emails from have told me they will be in the front of the
queue to try and get one of the limited copies. Here’s how you can simply and easily achieve the same results as one of the most talented traders of our time.

First – Her system is based on scientifically proven combinations of indicators that when tested and analysed, produced results that stunned our
community.If you read her declassified indicator report, you could probably work out that her system is based on the results of pure provable science – not hunches
or gut feel…………………Continue reading Scientific Forex Secret Code

Last day for Gratis gifts + huge announcement – Scientific Forex

[ February 27, 2012 ]

If you are serious about trading profitably, you may want to pay very close attention to what I am about to tell you.This could be the most critical week of your entire
trading career. You will have decisions to make that could mean the difference between fortune and failure happens at 9am EST/2pm GMT this Tuesday.

It seems the entire Forex world has been following Cristina Ciurea very closely.I know I have.The social media has been buzzing like a nest of hornets about this math genius’s Scientific Forex system for trading Forex.You know what though, I don’t think it’s just because she is able to make trades like these:

The reason why she is so “Hot” * Scientific Forex makes $22,638 trading EUR/USD * Scientific Forex makes $9,348 trading USD/JPY * Scientific Forex makes $18,120 from trading EURJPY………..Continue reading Scientific Forex Huge Announcement

$65,072.00 in 6 trades. Is she for real? – Scientific Forex

[ February 27, 2012 ]

I have seen my fair share of Forex systems over the years, as I am sure you have. Most are filled with hype from marketers who haven’t traded a day in their life.They wouldn’t know a pip from a pop and think candles are something you put on a cake.Every once in a while someone enters into the Forex world as a real superstar. They trade at levels most only dream about. Now if they would share their secrets, that would be worth paying attention to.

It seems one such individual has emerged on the scene that walks the walk.Her name is Cristina Ciurea and here’s why you need to pay close attention to her.First, she’s a trader, not a marketer. A highly successful trader. Further proof of that lies in how much she has freely given to traders over the past few months to help them grow their account. Second, she is a known math and business finance genius………….Continue reading Scientific Forex 65k in 6 Trades

$22,638.00 a day Trader let’s you watch her trade – Scientific Forex

[ February 27, 2012 ]

Are you ready for some sound advice from the world’s most successful trader?One that makes…$22, 638.00 in a day on a single trade. Makes 161.12% in a month.

And what if she would just flat out give you the exact proven scientific system that she is using to get these outstanding results? Today she is going to let you pull up a chair and sit down next to her while she walks you through a day in the life of the world’s best trader.On Tuesday, February 28th at 9am EST she is going to make available to a very limited number of traders who are serious about changing their financial destiny, her entire Scientific Forex system.

It is the exact system she uses every day to trade.The exact system she used to win the largest trading competition on the planet in 2011. And she did not just win, she annihilated the competition.She lets you see here trading it live right here.Here’s the problem though…………………….Continue reading Scientific Forex Watch Her Trade

Massive gift – How she doubles her money every month – Scientific Forex

[ February 27, 2012 ]

She just posted a link for a piece of software on Scientific Forex and you can add to your chart that will definitely help your trading. It’s called the Elliott Wave Prophet, and it might just be the answer to some of your trading problems. I’m going to tell you how you can get a copy of her system on the house in a minute… but first I want you to consider this.Month 1 = $2 611.20 , Month 2 = $6 818.37 ,Month 3 = $17 804.12,Month 4 = $46 490.11,Month 5 = $121 394.97,Month 6 = $316 986.54,Month 7 = $827 715.26,Month 8 =$2 161 330.07

That’s how fast an account grows at 161.12% per month! Now do you think a person who can do that is worth listening to? Most traders have heard of Elliot Wave, and like most traders, you probably don’t understand it fully. Here’s some things you may not know:

Over 500,000 traders use Elliott Wave as their main form of analysis.It was discovered by an accountant named Ralph Nelson Elliott who hypothesised that the markets move in waves…….Continue reading Scientific Forex Massive Gift

Science behind Forex video – Scientific Forex

[ February 19, 2012 ]

scientific forex behind science video

Cristina Ciurea is widely regarded as one of the best traders around right now, and she is willing to give a copy of her Scientific Forex system to the person who makes the best comment on her website. This is the same system people pay her $500 an hour to learn. Scientific Forex Review

Cristina Ciurea’s Scientific Forex teaches the same methods that Cristina used to win the 2011 Surefire Trading Challenge, the largest trading competition in the world……she gained 161.12% Profit in just one month……………..Continue reading Scientific Forex Behind Science Video