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Surefire Trading Challenge is a library collection of forex trading system.

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Surefire T C – Today is your Last Chance to Get the Best Forex systems available

[ July 19, 2010 ]

Today is the last day they will be available. When we close, we close and no one else will be able to use the systems. It might be months before we allow more people in, so I highly recommend that you act fast.What you getting from this community Here’s a quick recap of you what you get:

- The winning systems from the last trading competition, Surefire Trading Challenge
. Remember, they went through demo and live testing, there’s no question these systems work. – The winning systems from the previous 8 competitions. – Access to the traders who won the competitions. – Access to bi-weekly webinars where you can watch the winners trade live, and maybe even make a trade or two with them.

- Access to live apprentice trading where someone will hold your hand as you learn to trade. What would that be worth to you? – Access to our undercover live trading robots review page – PRICELESS!

Visit Surefire Trading Challenge

Surefire Trading Challenge – Where can you find those REAL Successful traders for guidance

[ July 16, 2010 ]

Have you ever met a real trader? A successful one? Probably not. How would you like to meet more than a dozen successful traders? Nevermind that, how bout if these traders showed you how they go about raking in the pips on a daily basis?
Just think about the effect that would have on your own trading for a moment then make your way down here:

I want all the junk filtered out so I don’t have to waste my time with methods that don’t work. I want to know that what I attempt on my trading accounts are going to offer me the highest probabilities of success! I want to know if the latest EA’s being punted are any better than the last ones I wasted my time on. Look, I just want the best, I want it now and I want
more! If that sounds like what you’re after, you can get it here:

Look at this trading membership club . Just take a look at some of the stuff that you get from the NEW Surefire Trading Challenge Club:

SFTC – Meet Pipsqueak Thru His Interview

[ July 11, 2010 ]

So, as I am reading this thread, pipsqeak reveals this simple but brilliant plan of how much money he makes, and how he reverse engineers his target to make 1% per day.Traders just don’t do this The reason I was getting excited is because I have never seen anyone write down how to do this other than myself. Everyone who starts trading just starts…they don’t have any idea of how much they need to survive and how to make it.

I see traders every day buy a trading robot, plug it in and wait to see what happens. They never give a thought to how much it should earn or even what they want to achieve from it.

SFTC – Spend 30 Minutes With a True Trading Master

[ July 9, 2010 ]

What you can take all the way to the bank though, is a veteran trader who puts his system up on a forum for everyone to see just because he wants to help out his friends…so much so that he talks to them and helps them purely because he wants them to
succeed…no other reason.Listen to this guy , Alan DeWett.

If you’re going to write back and tell me that no such guy exists, I want you to go here and listen to this interview with Alan DeWett. I didn’t tell you about this till now because I wanted to see where it was going, but if you go to this link right now, you’re going to find…aside from the interview I just mentioned, 4 other videos with information so valuable you should be paying for it…but it’s yours, just like that.

Visit Surefire Trading Challenge

Surefire Trading Challenge – A Complimentary Proven Trading System For You

[ July 9, 2010 ]

Well, the SFTC team is doing it again. They are releasing one more system from the most elite trading club in the world.Not only did this guy win with this system, he actually won three different competitions. In the last competition he won with 118.63% trading a live account in one month.

You can see his system here: Visit Surefire Trading Challenge. Best Comment Competition . Have you heard about the “best comment” competition? You can see who won the latest “best comment” competition at the homepage: Last thing before I go:
You can win the elite trading club. The SFTC team have decided to extend the “best comment” competition. Watch the video and post a comment telling them why the Surefire Trading Challenge has inspired you or given you hope.

Come and JOIN me and others at Surefire Trading Challenge

[ January 27, 2010 ]

Surefire Trading Challenge Join Me Next Competition starts at 1st Feb
You don’t have to do anything at this stage, just be
aware that the next competition starts on the 1st of
February. All you have to do is register so we can
keep in touch with you.
Your Surefire Trading Challenge PRIZE money this time round
Real Accounts

1st Place – $5,000
2nd Place – $3,000
3rd Place – $1,000

Demo Accounts

1st Place – $1,000
2nd Place – $600
3rd Place – $300

This trading challenge is addictive. We’ve had
people who have entered every single competition,
and some have been finalists three or four times.

I am lucky enough to have met friends from all over
the world. I learn something new every time we have a

Just remember, this whole thing is great fun. We
passed the one-year mark in December and this is our
eight competition. I really hope you join me:

Champion Traders from Surefire Trading Challenge

[ November 2, 2009 ]

Sorry if you got two emails today but this is

Have a look at the Surefire Trading Challenge Champion Traders below. These are just
some of the people that have pocketed $39,300 – no
strings attached. * Doesn’t cost a cent to enter!
* -You can submit live or demo results!
* -Doesn’t matter what trading platform you use!
* -Doesn’t matter what market you trade!

This is our 6th competition and we are getting
bigger and stronger every time. It is the most
exciting part of the month for me when we open the
doors and you can submit your results here:

Visit Surefire Trading Challenge

Surefire Trading Challenge – 25 Champion forex traders from 2,573 Competitors

[ September 1, 2009 ]

surefire trading challenge

Surefire Trading Challenge 25 Forex Champions traders from 2,573 Competitors . Yes 25 Top Traders Over Four Different Competitions And They Will All Tell You How They Did It… The systems that won the Surefire Trading Challenge have just been released. Some of the most outstanding and original trading minds competed in one of the
toughest competition yet. ~ Visit Surefire Trading Challenge .

These few traders are now able to claim their place amongst the best traders in the world. Why do I know they are the best traders in the world? Simple, they competed with traders from all over the world with brilliant and original systems and won. The whole point of this competition is to give
traders access to the best systems in the world. Their Trading Results

The June 09 Champions are OUT !

[ August 25, 2009 ]

It’s over and here are the Surefire Trading Challenge June Champions results:
All of these champion’s systems from Surefire Trading Challenge
give us invaluable insight into their unique trading methods and
systems. Special Category for Ian K. This month you will also notice that we have a special category, for Ian K’s live account. We felt the fairest place to put him was in a special category.

What’s exciting is that all our members will benefit from the extra knowledge that can be gained from the champions by reviewing the published systems
which include detailed explanations, charts, videos, interviews and more.
You get access to the previous trading winners’ system too.These of course add to the top systems published from previous Surefire Trading challenges.

The Champion’s Systems Are Streaming In!

[ July 26, 2009 ]

I hope you’re having a good week in the markets. I
just wanted to drop by and bring you up to speed with
the progress we are making with the June 09
Surefire Trading Challenge Champion’s Systems . The first batch of forex trading systems from the June 09 Challenge have arrived over the last few days and at this stage
they are all looking really good!

That’s a good sign that things are finally starting to settle down a little bit and the top positions can soon be finalized. ==> Visit Surefire Trading Challenge. Who’s In The Lead on Surefire Trading Challenge? There have been a few changes to the rankings and I have just updated the leader board so head on over to see how it is all shaping up:

Surefire Trading Challenge – 1% Could Get You In

[ June 30, 2009 ]

“1% could Get You A Prize” . I have to let you in on a little secret. When I firstsaw it I naturally assumed that it was a one-off, but after four Surefire Trading Challenge , I knew it to be true. Look at this…. Surefire Trading Challenge 1% 1,117.65% . Surefire Trading Challenge 1%

Do you notice anything about the list of numbers above? Can you see how quickly they drop off. After the first three or four very high percentages you
start to get double and single digit numbers. ==> Visit Surefire Trading Challenge . Here’s the thing. These numbers were all entries from the forex trading system inside Surefire Trading Challenge.

Surefire Trading Challenge – No one has this Forex robot!

[ June 25, 2009 ]

surefire trading challenge

I’m excited about what’s happening with the traders
from the Surefire Trading Challenge: . You might remember a few weeks ago my assistant who
knows next to nothing about trading just made $4,830 in nine days using the Forex Trading System inside. Not only that, he made 26 trades and
only had one losing trade. That’s a hit rate of 96.15% .Surefire Trading Challenge No One

He started with $5,000 and nine days later he had $9,830. That’s a 96.6% gain. Well, I was so impressed with Wesley’s results at Surefire Trading Challenge I had a professional programer make me an Expert Advisor (EA) for that system. Other members were so impressed with the Surefire Trading Challenge EA that they decided to contribute to it’s improvement and now we just released version 2. This in only available here:

Surefire Trading Challenge – Critical information about the Forex systems

[ June 25, 2009 ]

Surefire Trading Challenge Review: Are you finally ready to cut the slow-drip of frustration and messing around trying to make some extra cash trading? Would you like to put your trading on steroids with some of the best Forex Trading System?

Before I even start to tell you something Surefire Trading Challenge Critical Information
could potentially, not only change your trading, but
your should know this…You have to take advantage of this today or you will pay 42.5% more tomorrow.I just spoke with a trader who for the last four months has been quietly and consistently making a fortune on the Forex market. Come closer my friend because you can do exactly what he did in about
five minutes.

He got a copy of the exact system one of the Surefire Trading Challenge Champions used and followed it to the letter. He didn’t spend hours over his computer or years learning complicated analysis, he just copied the top trader.

Surefire Trading Challenge – Largest Forex System Network Ever?

[ June 25, 2009 ]

One of our Professional Forex Review team members has come across
an interesting Forex website while researching on forex trading system
on the internet.The website claims that they have hold the world’s largest forex competition in history. It excites our team to do a thorough study
on this website to verify if it is real or it is the Surefire Trading Challenge Largest Network

Result of our research:***** Ground-Breaking Concept in Forex Community *****
After a thorough research & study on this website, we found out that they are real & they have come out with a really Unique concept in forex community.
They named it as Surefire Trading Challenge. Surefire Trading Challenge is an ongoing monthly challenge to see which of a number of home based Forex Traders are the best. In the first month of the competition 569 people entered. And as in in any competition, there were winners and losers.


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