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The RoboMiner – An Insider Review

[ May 3, 2010 ]

Grid-Based Trading EA-Robominer is another grid-based EA (I seem to be drawn to those) that focuses on only two currency pairs: AUDNZD and EURCHF.The system is built around the fact that historically these two currencies have always traded within a specific range and their price tends to always come back to the midpoint of their respective ranges.When price moves up from that midpoint, short positions are taken, and when price moves below the midpoint, long positions are established.Profit is made as the price action then returns at some point to the midpoint. Positions are opened for every 40 pips of movement in either direction.

Visit The RoboMiner – How it manages your capital- The RoboMiner is very conservative in that it recommends using lot sizes of only 0.01 lots per $2,000 of trading capital if trading just the AUDNZD pair, and 0.01 lots per $3,500 of trading capital if trading both AUDNZD and EURCHF. This ensures that even if the pairs were to go outside of their historical ranges, your account would not get a margin call.Because it is so conservative, there is obviously a limit to how quickly Robominer can grow your account.

Long term capital growth-The developer’s web page states that it can easily produce 6% per month or 100% per year (compounded). In my own backtests, it normally gained between 2% and 5% per month, and in my current forward test, which has been running just about one month, it is currently up about 4%.

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The RoboMiner – Generating over 86,908.00 pips in profit

[ May 3, 2010 ]

Long term trading robot-The RoboMiner EA is a long term investment system that pumps daily small profits into your account, it always closes trades with a profit, that’s right you will never have any trades close with a loss.Minimum 6-10 % return monthly-The RoboMiner EA uses a proven grid trading system that is so safe, its as if your money is in you IRA account, this system generates a minimum 6-10 % return monthly, with compounding that’s 100% return a year, that means if you invest $2,000 today, in 9 years from now that will turn into $1,000,000 minimum.

Where else can you find such a safe investment that will give you this kind of return? Try out the DEMO ! Best of all you can download a free demo of this EA, test it for as long as you want and see for yourself how it performs.The RoboMiner Review

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